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Why do you need a VPN for Firestick

Jun 19, 2022

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I believe you heard about the VPN and that you might need it on your Firestick. However, in case you are still not sure what is a VPN and what it can do for you, then the shortest answer would be:

VPN – Virtual Private Network – protects your privacy by hiding your location and online activity. VPN conceals which data you send or receive with your Firestick.

What is a VPN?

You can find different articles describing what a VPN is. Still, in the context of a Firestick, or any other gadget or device, a VPN is software that encrypts your data directly on the device before it gets sent to the internet. Therefore, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) receives already encrypted content that he routes through one of its servers in the network.

You can compare this type of communication to a simple box you use to send products. The package, in most cases, doesn’t reveal what’s inside. Instead, you only place the source and destination address. Similarly, your data gets packed in an encrypted box that nobody without special keys can open it. What is more, publically, your package is labeled with the VPN provider’s IP address, giving you additional protection. That way, your mailing addresses, passwords, and website history are hidden, even before they leave your device. Moreover, you can connect to a chosen location worldwide and use a local IP address. Therefore, online services will think that you are located where the server you use is.

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Your ISP works as a shipping company responsible for delivering your packages and bringing the ones that are supposed to be delivered to you.
Therefore, whenever you send unencrypted information, he can read it, and VPNs are used to protect the data from being tracked back to you.

VPNs use specially designed containers to ship your packages to the recipient and back to you. In addition, they use special keys to protect the data from prying eyes.

What does a VPN do on a Firestick?

As explained, VPNs change your publically visible IP address to the address of the VPN server you connect to. That way, you get access to additional content – channels, and networks, that generally are geo-restricted. Therefore, with VPN, you can access the complete offer of Netflix, Hulu, Pickock TV, etc.

If you use Firestick from an IP address outside of a specific area, you will be blocked and unable to watch your favorite shows, movies, and live streams. For example, whenever you travel, you might not be able to connect to your favorite streaming network, then VPN is inevitable.

VPN spoof your location to make it look like you’re watching from almost anywhere, which is the main benefit of a Firestick with a VPN. You can easily access Netflix, Hulu, Peackoc, or other streaming services.

The second commonly missed benefit is the access to additional content that is available only, for example, in the UK, US, Australia, or Europe. So, for example, whenever you want to watch a series from the UK, you connect to a VPN location in the UK and start watching your favorite series or stand-up comedy available only on islands.

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I can answer the main question with one sentence:

VPN on a Firestick extends the streaming services regardless of geo-location restrictions, protects your privacy, and hides online activities.

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Is it required? I think, Yes.
But you have to decide for yourself.

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