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A reliable and secure internet connection is necessary in a world where billions of people work, play, learn, communicate, and socialize online.

However, while a reliable connection might be considered the responsibility of your internet service provider, your online security is more personal.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are an elegant solution for people who want to protect themselves online and have private internet access to sites and services that restrict access based on geographical location.

Whether you’re a working nomad, a frequent global traveler, or a customer hoping to access banking, streaming, and other services across the globe, a good VPN and other security measures will be the optimal solution for you.

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How VPN works and what you can do with VPN

Change your location

Change your location

VPN changes your IP address to hide your location and make you appear as if you were in a different location.

Instantly change your location to bypass limitations and access the geo-restricted content, even while regular users outside the country or region are blocked or banned from accessing.

Protect your privacy

Protect your privacy

VPN helps shield your identity and protects your privacy while surfing online.

VPN with strong encryption prevents others who may be listening from seeing your online activity.

With VPN, you protect yourself from being tracked by websites, apps, and Internet Service Providers.

Increase your security

Increase your security

Use VPN to protect your devices from security breaches.
Cybercriminals can use public, free open WiFi access points and man-in-the-middle techniques for sniffing or phishing your credentials.

With a VPN, you can relax using public hotspots because VPN will protect you using a tunneling technique.

Smart Savings with Freedom of Shopping Worldwide

Smart Savings with Freedom of Shopping

Use VPN to save money with location spoofing capability. Book flights, subscribe to services, or buy products from a location where prices are more affordable. End up with significant savings.

It's possible because online shops differentiate customers based on their location (IP address) and offer the same products for different prices.

Luckily with a VPN, you can do the shopping and get the best deals worldwide.

Unblock additional channels for streaming

Unlock additional channels

Use VPN to unlock additional channels from your favorite streaming services.

Enjoy your leisure time with the freedom of watching your favorite videos from any location, whether you travel or move to a different country. Do it with peace of mind.

Gaming freedom

Gaming freedom

VPN allows you to play games with friends from different countries and protect yourself from DDoS attacks or reduce ping and overall lag by connecting to a VPN server located close to the game server.

Vacations with peace of mind

Vacations with peace of mind

Use a router with a VPN to access your security cameras at home from any location in the world.

Relax during vacations by having complete control and access to your home from a remote location with a secure and encrypted VPN tunnel and dedicated IP.

p2p file sharing anonymity

P2P File-sharing

P2P file sharing usually reveals your IP address and is forbidden in some countries.

VPN protects your private IP and lets you connect to a server in a location where P2P is allowed with increased anonymity.

Data Privacy From the Apps and Services

Data Privacy From the Apps and Services

VPN prevents apps and services from attributing your behavior to your private IP address.

Use VPN to gain more privacy while using internet services like Social Media.

Data Privacy From Your Government

Data Privacy From Your Government

In 2013, Edward Snowden, the first one, revealed that Verizon had been selling users' data to the NSA. What is more, governments of different countries have started to control access to free internet.

VPN is a solution to be free and protect your data.

Data Privacy From Your Internet Service Provider

Data Privacy From Your Internet Service Provider

Your ISP - a company to whom you pay for internet access each month has access to all your internet activity data. Therefore, VPNs hide when, where, and how you browse.

Encrypted tunnel and obscured IP address protect you from ISP selling your data.

Adaptable to Numerous Devices

Adaptable to Numerous Devices

Use a secure VPN with multiple simultaneous connections to protect your home and family.

Gain privacy, security, and freedom on devices such as your phones, tablets, desktop computers, TVs, game consoles, and routers.

Unblock websites at school or work

Unblock websites at school, work, or abroad

School, office, or government might block your access to social media or websites. In addition, many companies, schools, and even countries restrict access to certain websites or online services.

It's frustrating if someone controls you, regardless it's for censorship, saving bandwidth, or trying to increase productivity.

Therefore, use VPN not to be blocked by anyone and have access to the information you need to complete projects, do homework, or improve your daily life.

Encrypt your data

All your internet traffic is encrypted, and nobody can see what you’re doing online as well as throttle your speeds either.

Block malicious software

VPNs with built-in protection help to prevent infections by blacklisting malicious software before it can do damage.

Protect your privacy

When you connect to a VPN server, your IP address won’t be visible to websites and service providers.


Use remote services

The site sees the VPN server as the origin of your traffic, instead of your device. That means you stay private and undetectable.

No-logs Policy

The Strict anti-logging policy prevents VPN providers from recording browsing activity and disclosing it to government surveillance agencies.

DNS Leak Protection

DNS leak protection prevents browser requests from rerouting back to the internet provider (ISP) revealing your browsing activity.


The basic benefits of using a VPN

  1. Freedom,
  2. Privacy,
  3. Security.

Get VPN to protect your freedom, as some restrictive countries, for example, China, Russia, Turkey, India, and North Korea impact free speech and censor the internet. You can treat your VPN connection as a gateway to the free world.

It’s easy to distinguish the benefits of using a VPN. If you’re concerned about your privacy, you should definitely get a reliable VPN service to access the internet.

I need to warn you not to use the free VPN unless you are 100% sure that you are not sacrificing your data privacy. We can only recommend the usage of verified premium VPNs for security reasons. Check our VPN reviews.

VPN Privacy

What can a VPN hide?

Web activity for internet freedom

Snoopers can track everything you do online without the VPN tunnel, and it can be your ISP or other third parties. The data they collect can be sold to advertisers, authorities, government agencies, or even used for malicious actions against you.

Get a VPN to hide your data in an encrypted tunnel.

VPN tunnel 

VPN can protect you against snoopers.

Virtual location with your private IP address

Cybercriminals can track your location using IP addresses that are publicly exposed. They can track your location to the street level if they want. So check your IP and essential data that is available publicly right now. With a VPN, you have protection because a VPN changes your IP address and hides your communication inside an encrypted tunnel using military-grade protocols. So your online privacy is protected, and nobody can see your location.
Read our article if you would like to know how a VPN works.

Your home network and devices

Your network for proper communication, in general, uses IP addresses to know where to send the information and what is the source of the data. Therefore, a VPN router can protect you from hackers by hiding the traffic and all the devices connected to your home network. Don’t let the cybercriminals spy on you and steal your files or passwords.
Use a router that supports VPN configuration.

VPN and protection against identity theft

VPNs should be combined with other security solutions to protect you against identity theft and other cybercriminal activities. Therefore, VPN is one of the steps you should take to reduce the possibility that identity thieves will use your data by intercepting web traffic from your devices. That data can later be used against you; therefore, you should use a VPN for protection against such risky activity.

Benefits from VPN

Not everyone really understands the full spectrum of benefits VPN services provide.

  • Using a virtual private network, you can stream videos on all your devices privately and securely, even in countries where most social media and entertainment websites are banned.
  • You can access restricted websites and online stores, such as stores available only in certain countries. It’s simple, just download a VPN, change the country, and browse your favorite online stores.
  • Private traffic – VPN is keeping your Internet traffic confidential.


If you are using public networks

VPN Service benefits not only travelers

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VPNs can help you protect your identity at all times.

Grab the VPN with a strict
no-logs policy, military-grade encryption, and privacy features to ensure your digital security.

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