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Cybercriminals try to exploit spiking interest in VPN services by providing fake VPNs to steal your data. What is more, available free VPNs usually have some motive. In the best case, they will monetize their services by displaying annoying ads or will track your activity online to phish for your passwords, etc.

Read articles about VPN tips and tricks to stay safe online.

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How to install VPN on router

How to install VPN on router

How to install VPN on router step by step. Complete VPN setup on GLiNet router – small and efficient for travel or work. Route your entire traffic through VPN.

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PureVPN trial

PureVPN trial

PureVPN trial – Start Your 7-Day VPN Trial and decide if it’s worth 82% OFF on a yearly plan after trial. Cancel anytime! Full Access 7-day trial for ONLY $0.99

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