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Published on Jun 29, 2022

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VPN for India and privacy are going through difficult times.

Important announcement from PureVPN regarding new regulations in India after the Government of India has directed VPN companies to collect and hand over user data from June 27, 2022 effectively.

PureVPN announced that they will shut down all physical servers in India and migrate to virtual servers. Moreover, other VPN providers have to do the same unless they will collect your data and pass it to the Government of India. So be warned that if a VPN offers you physical servers in India, your privacy is revoked.

Given recent moves against VPN use in India, people have started asking what they should do and what VPN service they might use, while VPN providers will need to implement data recording change from June 27, 2022 effectively.

It’s a big problem for companies like PureVPN with thousands of customers in India who rely on the transparency of VPN service providers regarding the no-logs policy.

PureVPN, as a value-driven company that places anonymity, reliability, and freedom of choice above all, will never collect or share their users’ data with the authorities because that violates the principle of privacy.

PureVPN has good news for users in India and those wishing to access India IPs. They will be able to continue to do so with PureVPN virtual servers in Singapore.

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Most importantly, PureVPN is a KPMG-certified always-on audit and no-log company, the first in the industry to pioneer such an initiative. Therefore, they can’t obey restrictions imposed by the Government of India, but they will continue to support all of their current and new users.

We at UseSecureVPN support that initiative because we believe in freedom and privacy, and VPN is one of our armors against governments wanting to control all of us. We also support PureVPN because they are constantly innovating and evolving core product offerings to deliver a superior user experience.

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Remember, a VPN is an intermediary service that uses encrypted tunnels to bypass restrictions and protect your communication.

Read the PureVPN review and check what it can offer.

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