PureVPN Review

PureVPN offers a new feature on the market called
Quantum-Resistant Encryption Keys.

Moreover, it’s packed with others like a no-log policy, up to 10 simultaneous devices, AES 256-bit encryption, DDoS protection, browser plugins, dedicated IP, port forwarding, torrenting and more.

Please keep reading to find out what else you can expect from PureVPN, or click the button to get it for a lower price.

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General Overview

PureVPN is a well-known VPN service provider. It was founded in 2007 and is managed by GZ Systems Ltd., a Hong Kong-based company. Currently, the service provider is situated in the British Virgin Islands, and it has over 6500 servers in 78 locations around the world. This massive server network allows it to compete with the market’s oldest and most experienced VPN service providers.

It has attractive subscription rates and smart features like the option to filter servers by specialty. For example, you can choose P2P servers if you want to download or share torrent files. The VPN service also supports streaming by unblocking various geo-locked data.

In terms of security, this VPN service uses tough-to-hack AES-256 encryption plus various tunneling protocols such as OpenVPN, WireGuard, and IKEv2. Of course, speeds vary depending on the type of protocol you select. Other security features include split tunneling and a kill switch, but the most interesting is the Quantum-Resistant Encryption Keys.

The company also excels when it comes to privacy by maintaining a zero data logging policy. Furthermore, it has recently adopted an Always-On Audit policy, significantly raising its security profile above other VPN services available on the market.

I would put PureVPN in the top-ranking VPNs for the provided services and quality.

Main Benefits You Can Expect

Switches Your Virtual Location

IP addresses tell the internet users who you are and where you “live” in the real world. PureVPN changes your IP address to a different address from any chosen country within seconds. This change unlocks the geo-restricted streaming content because you are recognized as if you were physically there.

Bypasses Censorship

PureVPN allows you to bypass specific country restrictions that limit your access to sites and services like Google, Facebook, and Skype. A good VPN service lets you browse the internet freely by hiding your actual location. In addition, the tunneling technology helps bypass unfriendly firewalls at school, work, or difficult Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Improves Your Security

All your unprotected traffic and activity are visible because the data you transmit is unencrypted when you connect to the internet via your ISP. The best way to stay protected is to use PureVPN because the VPN technology encrypts all your information, making it impossible or at least challenging to decipher by any prying eyes.

Protects Your Privacy

As you already know, governments, advertisers, ISPs, and websites track your activity online. Later they use your information for different purposes without your knowledge. So if you at least want to try to defend, you need a VPN that masks your actual identity by assigning you a shared public IP address, so your internet activities can’t be linked back to you.

Quantum-Resistant Encryption Keys

PureVPN deploys the first part of quantum-resistant capabilities: Quantum-Resistant Encryption Keys. They are future-proofing users against threats to their data, offering significantly more security and privacy.

The No.1 VPN For Travelers

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Why should you choose the PureVPN

  • 10 Multi Logins – You can simultaneously use PureVPN on up to 10 devices.
  • 256bit AES Encryption – You get the highest-grade AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Internet Kill switch – Even when the VPN connection drops, your privacy will remain intact.
  • Dedicated IP – Get a personal static IP add-on for stable connections, just for yourself.
  • Logless VPN – PureVPN is verified by 3rd party auditing company and uses a strict no-logs policy. Therefore, your online activity is protected.
  • 6500+ Servers – Connect to optimized servers around the globe for incredible performance.
  • Split Tunneling – Decide what data should go through PureVPN and ISP Connection.
  • Port Forwarding – The Port-Forwarding add-on allows accessing your device from anywhere in the world.

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The PureVPN Review

Key Data Points About PureVPN
Key Data Points About PureVPN

Logs policyZero logging
Cheapest Price$1.99 per month
Testing period

7 days for $0.99

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JurisdictionThe British Virgin Islands
Quantum readyYes
Servers6500+ servers; 78 countries
Kill SwitchYes
Tunneling ProtocolsWireGuard, IKEv2, OpenVPN TCP, OpenVPN UDP, SSTP, and L2TP/IPSec
Streaming servicesNetflix, DAZN, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, etc.
Amazon Firestick

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Unlimited TorrentingYes
Money Guarantee Period31 days
Experience in the market
Experience in the market

PureVPN has been in the VPN industry for more than 15 years, proving that they know how to provide services to customers.
After spending over a decade and a half in Hong Kong, they moved to another location to keep providing a high level of privacy and protection as a privacy-centric company. Therefore, they chose the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

With some improvements like new servers and a unique no-log certification policy, the new headquarter in the BVI jurisdiction helped them retain the title of one of the most customer-centric VPNs.

Using a PureVPN service means that you can trust that your data and activity are not registered anywhere.

You have to understand that no VPN can protect you 100%. Still, it at least increases your privacy and security, allowing you to connect to your favorite services regardless of your current location. That helps to be free and travel without worries.

Dedicated IP and Port Forwarding
Dedicated IP and Port Forwarding

PureVPN is one of the few VPN providers offering Dedicated IP and Port Forwarding solutions. This functionality is critical if you don’t want to have any problems logging into admin panels of various services or your bank accounts because they are sensitive to specific network traffic. That’s how they try to recognize suspicious activity and can flag you as a bot or suspicious user.

In some cases, the shared IP can lead to locked accounts, very often initiates the CAPTCHA verification, and sometimes some pages don’t even open.

What is more, with PureVPN’s dedicated IP, your connection will be very stable. Therefore, it’s an excellent option, and you should consider it while getting PureVPN.

What are Quantum-Resistant Encryption Keys?
What are Quantum-Resistant Encryption Keys?

Quantum-resistant encryption keys are the next step toward privacy and security. Currently, hackers are collecting encrypted data about internet users. However, it might soon be possible to use quantum computing to decrypt what is almost impossible today.
Therefore, PureVPN offers a new feature of using encryption keys generated by a verifiable quantum source, enhancing your security.

As you might have heard, the quantum world promises advances in various areas of our lives like medicine, health, or defense. But, as we know, the technology could also be misused. Therefore, it’s good to start protecting your data even before the threat exists.

PureVPN constantly improves its services and now with quantum technology. So they try to create a VPN with quantum-resistant technology that will strengthen encryption. That is why they started a transitional plan to quantum-resistant algorithms, and they applied for an approval process by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Main features of Quantum-Resistant Encryption Keys:

  • Future-proof yourself from quantum computing threats

  • Secure communication channels

  • Boost privacy and anonymity on all devices

  • Enhance remote work security

  • Enjoy safer online banking and crypto transactions

  • Protect online blueprints from illegal surveillance

Quantum-Resistant Encryption Keys are currently implemented in six locations: US, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, and the Netherlands.

While using PureVPN services, connect to one of those locations, select OpenVPN protocol and start using new features that increase the security.

How Fast Is PureVPN?
How Fast Is PureVPN?

PureVPN offers decent download and upload speed. However, as expected, speeds vary depending on the tunneling protocol you select and the server distance.
When connected to a distant server, you will enjoy the best speeds using the WireGuard protocol.

Whenever we test systems regarding the latency, we need to do it in a controlled environment to compare so-called „apples to apples". This means that our connection latency might not be significant to you because you use different devices and transmit data through other internet routes.

For example, when pinging google server from the EU through Miami (crossing the continents), we got 130ms latency on average, which is quite good considering the hoops and distance. However, connecting to the closest to your current location VPN server, the latency decreases to 25ms. As you can see, there are many factors impacting that speed, and one of them is the distance and number of devices between you and the destination. But as important as speed is the stability of the connection and limitations of the protocols you choose.

While using a 300mbps optical fiber router, the download speed hovered around 200mbps while the upload speed was around 215mbps. However, the WireGuard protocol lacks capabilities, such as a dedicated IP option and split tunneling.

Meanwhile, with IKEv2 and OpenVPN UDP, the average download/upload speeds were 167/12 and 145/141, respectively. OpenVPN TCP had the most significant impact on speeds, averaging only 37/14, and is the worst tunneling protocol for distant servers. Therefore, you need to verify the potential connection speed before use.

To verify the network latency, you can use the feature of PureVPN. One of the advantages of PureVPN is that its Windows program displays the ping of each location before establishing a connection. You can identify the quickest servers this way without testing them upfront. The program also indicates the tunneling protocol in use as well as the current download and upload speeds.

The PureVPN service also seeks to boost speeds by upgrading from 10 gigabits/ second to 20 gigabits/second ‚uplink‘ ports. Currently, these improvements are being implemented only in certain areas. For example, the UK has already been updated. Faster uplink speeds at the servers can improve VPN speeds.

PureVPN also intends to tailor its speeds to match individual users‘ broadband speeds. This will benefit people with fast internet connections. However, it’s yet to be implemented.

What Security Features Does PureVPN Employ?
What Security Features Does PureVPN Employ?

PureVPN offers safe VPN services. It employs AES-256 encryption and provides secure tunneling protocols such as WireGuard, IKEv2, and OpenVPN, among other security features.
Here’s the breakdown:

Automatic Protocol Selection

PureVPN supports various tunneling protocols, including WireGuard, IKEv2, OpenVPN TCP, OpenVPN UDP, SSTP, and L2TP/IPSec. They all vary in terms of security and speed. WireGuard is the fastest and most secure, but it lacks a dedicated IP option and split tunneling capabilities. It’s also solely for Android and Windows users. OpenVPN UDP and IKEv2 offer average speeds, although the former is less stable, and the latter is better for smartphones. SSTP may function in China, while L2TP/IPsec is old and thus unsafe.

If you would like to check the comparison of the protocols (speed, security, etc.), then go to the below link and scroll down to:
VPN Protocols


PureVPN supports AES-256 encryption across all its tunneling protocols. AES-256 encryption is the industry standard at the moment, owing to its complex cipher and 2256 unique key combinations. It’s used by banks, government institutions, the military, and other data-driven companies.

Kill Switch

PureVPN offers a kill switch to terminate your internet connection when the VPN connection becomes unstable or when switching servers or VPN service providers. The Kill Switch is enabled automatically on Windows, but you will have to turn it on on macOS.

The kill switch works most of the time, but you can expect your IP address to leak when it doesn’t. For example, when attempting to turn on a second VPN service while using PureVPN, the Kill Switch should activate to terminate your internet. Still, another service might negatively impact the PureVPN software.

However, there are times when the kill switch doesn’t activate, and your device remains connected to the internet with an unmasked IP Address.

Ensure that you don’t have anything that might block or make the VPN service work incorrectly.

Split Tunneling

Split tunneling is a feature that promotes bandwidth conservation by allowing users to select which apps should use a VPN connection.

How Large Is PureVPN Server Network?
How Large Is PureVPN Server Network?

In terms of server count, PureVPN can go toe-to-toe with the oldest mature VPN service providers like NordVPN. It has 6500 servers spread in 78 countries worldwide. Here is a breakdown of server count by region:

RegionCountriesNumber of servers
North America91780
South America6171
Central America115

PureVPN had a large number of virtual servers in the past. Virtual servers assign you an IP address of the country they are labeled as located in even though they might be somewhere else. Of course, this impacts performance. However, PureVPN would let you know which servers were virtual.

Also, recently the company has opted to purge most of the virtual servers off its network. So now there are only 69 in total. However, they are no longer labeled in the app., so unless you check the company website, you won’t know.

However, the PureVPN Android app comes with a smart feature like the option to filter servers by specialty: Stream, File Sharing, Internet Freedom, or Security/Privacy.

Moreover, you can contact customer support if you cannot find a local server, and they’ll get back to you with one.

What Services Can Be Streamed Using PureVPN?
What Services Can Be Streamed Using PureVPN?

While PureVPN isn’t the greatest VPN service for streaming, it can unblock some geo-locked content, depending on which server you use. In addition, a dedicated Apple TV app that you can download from the PureVPN website offers Apple TV, new releases, premium channels, and other top cable TV providers.

However, some customers claim that when using this VPN, Netflix does not load at all. However, depending on your browser, server, and tunneling protocol, you may have a different experience. It’s important to mention that besides the VPN service, you need to configure your browser to get the max out of the VPN. Nevertheless, tests successfully unblocked US Netflix as well as Netflix Japan. However, things weren’t so rosy for Netflix German and French libraries.

BBC iPlayer worked too. However, the server was extremely slow, resulting in significant buffering. DAZN, another streaming service, is accessible via a UK server but not very well while using a US server. After contacting the support, we connected to the suggested best-performing server for specific streaming services.

Interestingly, unblocking geo-restricted YouTube content was a breeze, making this the first VPN service of its kind since many VPN services tend not to bother with YouTube.

It’s good to contact the support team and ask which server will provide the best experience while unblocking streaming services from a specific country.

How Private is PureVPN?
How Private is PureVPN?

PureVPN is private to some extent but still has ways to go. In the past, this VPN service operated from Hong Kong, a region under tremendous pressure from China. It used to log IP addresses, browsing activities, DNS requests, VPN session timestamps, and assigned VPN server IP addresses, and was quick to share these data with the authorities when requested.

For example, in 2017, the service assisted the FBI in apprehending an alleged cyberstalker by tracing two of the suspect’s email accounts to the same IP address.

But after noticing a decrease in consumer trust, the company has implemented a few strategies to ensure privacy. It recently relocated its operations from Hong Kong to the British Virgin Islands, a jurisdiction with strict data protection laws.

Thanks to that move, PureVPN could implement a no-log policy.

Furthermore, the corporation claims that IP addresses and surfing history are no longer logged, and they used third-party security firms to examine its privacy policy. It has an agreement with KPMG to always be on the ready for surprise security audits at any moment without warning.

However, according to PureVPN’s website, the company still logs your name, email account, and payment info, but it doesn’t relate to your traffic. However, that’s pretty typical of many internet service providers, and you can always use cryptocurrencies to maintain total anonymity.

PureVPN’s politics regarding Always-on Audit is a must in this type of business because it creates credibility and helps to understand if PureVPN really protects your online activity.

Taxes for digital products
Taxes for digital products

PureVPN has an advantage regarding taxes. You can connect to the server located in a country where is your online business founded and buy digital products with or without the tax. That way, payment services will recognize you as a local customer, and scripts automatically apply the correct tax. This might potentially protect your finances.

What is more, you can get access to geo-locked governmental resources, like documents, forms, etc., even if you are abroad. You simply connect to the server located in your home country or state and start browsing websites like you were there.

Torrenting Support
Torrenting Support

PureVPN is an excellent torrenting option. However, the company has disabled Peer-to-peer on servers in regions like Canada and the US, where file sharing is prohibited. Still, there are plenty of servers to select from if you want to torrent. First, check if the servers support file sharing under the Server Locations tab.

Connecting to p2p-supporting servers is not a problem. However, the download speeds are sometimes painfully poor. Therefore, contact the support through chat to determine which server will provide the best connection.

Additional Features
Additional Features

PureVPN offers port forwarding as an add-on feature, and it will not cost you above $1. This feature gives devices outside your network access to devices on your private network. Therefore, you can use it to set up game servers, run tiny websites, monitor security cameras, or remotely access your gadgets whenever you wish, even from distant locations while you travel.

The Number of Device Connections
The Number of Device Connections

PureVPN plans support up to 10 devices simultaneously, and as an extra perk, your family can use some of these slots with their own devices and logins.

PureVPN excels when it comes to platform support. It has native apps for Android, Windows, Linux, and iOS, plus extensions for Firefox and Chrome. There are also tutorials if you are looking for help setting it up on your routers, Amazon Fire Stick, Kodi, Android TV, etc.

Therefore, it’s possible to use PureVPN with a Smart TV, gaming console, streaming sticks, or even configuring your router directly to protect the whole home network. Using it on your router lets you enjoy connectivity on any internet-capable device. However, remember that sometimes it’s better to configure devices separately for different purposes, high speed or high-level encryption.

Other supported browsers include Edge, UC, Yandex, Opera, Brave, Icecat, Iridium, Torch, Vivaldi, and Waterfox.

Ease of Setup & Installation
Ease of Setup & Installation

The desktop and smartphone apps for PureVPN are simple to set up and use. They don’t have a lot of details. They only provide the essential functionality, such as a large On/Off button, a location picker, and small sidebar buttons for Account, Settings, and Help.

The location selector provides a Favorites feature, a Recent Locations list, and a searchable database of countries with their ping times to assist you in finding the fastest. Expand a country’s list of cities by clicking the arrow positioned on its right.

After you’re connected, you’ll get a desktop notification. The app will also display your current downloads and upload speeds in the status box.

When setting up the desktop applications, be aware that they are automatically set to install the Chrome extension. You can uncheck it during installation if you don’t want it. The Windows software also asks if you want the kill switch and the automatic connection functions enabled or disabled.

PureVPN Customer Support
PureVPN Customer Support

If PureVPN gives you any trouble, go to its help page and look through the installation, FAQ, and troubleshooting sections. The FAQ section is not extensive, though. It only covers 9 typical questions and in a very rudimentary manner.

PureVPN also provides guides/how-tos on using the service or configuring additional, non-standard devices.

You may also submit a help request, but you will have to log in to your PureVPN account’s ticketing page.

Apart from troubleshooting guides and tickets, PureVPN also provides help via LiveChat 24/7. To connect to a service representative and begin a live chat, you will have to provide your name and email.

Does PureVPN Work in China?
Does PureVPN Work in China?

Yes, PureVPN works in China. It provides an SSTP tunneling protocol that safely circumvents the Great China Firewall.

PureVPN Pricing
PureVPN Pricing

PureVPN offers some of the most affordable plans starting with a 2-year subscription costing only $1.99 per month and a 1-year plan costing only $3.25 per month. There’s also a monthly plan if you’re ready to pay an absurd $10.95 per month. Clearly, the company’s pricing plan favors long-term membership.

However, features are the same across all plans, including the ability to connect up to ten devices simultaneously.

PureVPN does not have a free version. However, for $0.99, you may get to try it in full for a week and determine if it is right for you. of course, in full means checking its streaming services, unblocking capabilities, torrenting, security features, and more. Don’t forget customer support and troubleshooting guides. You want to get into a contract with the best VPN service provider.

Money-Back Guarantee
Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re unsatisfied with the service, you have 31 days from the plan purchase date to change your mind and ask to be refunded.

What Are the Accepted Methods of Payment?
What Are the Accepted Methods of Payment?

Accepted payments include credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and various cryptocurrencies. However, be aware that if you use Credit Cards and PayPal, the company may collect your payment info.

PureVPN Pros and Cons
PureVPN Pros and Cons


  • AES-256 data scrambler

  • Unblocks US Netflix as well as other streaming services like BBC iPlayer

  • Unlimited torrenting

  • Compatible with various routers, Amazon Fire Stick, and Android TV

  • Enables port forwarding

  • Provides dedicated IP (static IP)

  • Improved privacy policy

  • Affordable plans

  • A money-back guarantee period of 31 days


  • Kill Switch may require additional configuration on iOS

  • May not unblock Netflix when connected to some servers; therefore, PureVPN recommends using a browser add-on for streaming services

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In conclusion, apart from a few issues when it comes to unblocking geo-locked data, PureVPN has matured into an all-around VPN service. Its security and data protection features are top-notch, and its server network is broad. Moreover, its apps allow easy selection of servers depending on the type of internet activity you want to perform. Above all, PureVPN plans are among the most affordable on the market, which rounds up its advantages.

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